Letra Music Sessions
Letra Music Sessions

"Letra Music Sessions" are music concerts that take place in Letraria - Brewpub in Vila Verde and in Letraria - Craft Beer Porto.

A commercial space must be dynamic, stimulating new experiences. In this perspective, Letra beer decided to create 'Letra Music Sessions'. In addiction to brewing and gastronomic experiences available in Letraria, the brand wants to offer music experiences once a month to their visitors.

This innitiative began in October 2018, with the "COOLTOURALL 2018" event, which several artistic performances were presented during the afternoon: from classical music, painting, photography and dance, in collaboration with Bullire, a a local cultural association. Rita Franklin presented her music portfolio with genres like Folk, Blues and Rock. In early November the Italians Lamansarda made a showcase.  Dário Rocha, a renowned classical guitarist from Viana do Castelo also presented his songs. Also on the 22nd december Segey Onischenko from 'Make Like a Tree Project' came to Vila Verde to spread their Indie-Folk music.

We have more good reasons for you to join us. So stay tuned in our events that are being advertised on our social networks. And of course, we are always open to your suggestions of bands that liked to watch in our Letrarias.


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