Two new beers that transport us to the Azores
Two new beers that transport us to the Azores

LETRA and AZBEER Meet have joined to create two unique beers with the typical ingredients and quality that the Azores have already accustomed us to!

Introducing Azores Juicy IPA and Gorreana APA: IPA with a tropical flavour and aroma derived from the addition of pineapples from the Azores and balanced with the use of American hops Cascade, Citra, Mosaic and Summit. The APA with extreme freshness due to the infusion of tea leaves of Gorreana, presenting a slight bitterness of the American hops Cascade.

The same values ??joined Vila Verde and the Azores to create two new unique and differentiated beers made from local Azorean products, such as the tea leaves of Gorreana (the oldest and currently only European tea plantation) and known pineapples from the S. Miguel. Both products with high demand, now incorporated into two fairly exclusive craftbeer recipes! Undoubtedly, two beers that transport us to the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Azores. To not lose!

* On the 26th will be the launch of Azores Juicy IPA, at Jardim By Suplexio (artisan beer bar in Ponta Delgada). And on the 27th, the debut of the Gorreana APA beer at the idyllic location of Gorreana's production.


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