Beer and Grapes
Beer and Grapes

The Cerveja Letra in partnership with the renowned winemaker Anselmo Mendes created two pioneer beers: 'Grape Ale'

'Letra wants, Anselmo Mendes dreams, Grape Ale is born.'

There are two editions of the beer under the name "Grape Ale" that were created at our brewery in Vila Verde. The first edition - Grape Ale Loureiro - was release in November 2017, in which during the fermentation process of the beer, the intact grapes of Loureiro variety were mixed. In the second edition - Grape Ale Alvarinho - the grape must of Alvarinho grape variety was mixed for fermentation.


Two distinct beers that unite the wine world of the Minho region with the craft beer and its success brings a new edition of Grape Ale Loureiro, available for purchase already.


Currently, Letra has in the market four beer ranges: 1) Letra, which represents 80% of the production, 2) Letra On Oak, special beers that are aged for severeal months in oak barrels, 3) Letra Craft Trials, that are pilot scale beers or destilates to test new ingredients and processes, 4) Letra Collabs., being where we promote diverse partnerships with other breweries and winemakers. The purpose of Letra is to strengthen ties with other brands by creating "different beers" in order to meet the growing needs of consumers for innovative and creative products.


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