2nd Edition of Letra Music Sessions
2nd Edition of Letra Music Sessions

The best fermented music are back to Sé de Braga!

Letra Music Sessions, a partnership between Letra craft beer, Gig. and HeadLiner, will start on February 15th and promises to give us good music, flavours and aromas during the next 4 months! Always on Saturdays and with free entrance.

The start of the 2nd edition of Letra Music Sessions starts February 15th with “Tresor & Bosxh”, which promise to explore electronic environments. The following month, March 14, is presented “André Júlio Turquesa”, a multi-instrumentalist composer, who will release his new album "Orgônio" on March 6th at CCOP (Porto), will make us travel through musical landscapes. For April, on the 11th, we received “Little Friend” with his latest album "A Substitute for Sadness", already considered as one of the 50 best Portuguese albums of 2019. For May 9th, the doors of Letraria open to “Captain Boy”, musician and composer from Guimarães who, with his guitar and a hoarse voice, leaves the territories of folk to rediscover it in the fluidity of 21st century musical genres.

There is much more! In addition to these monthly events, in which emerging artists lead the Letra Music Sessions, there will also be other moments with DJs or solo artists in order to interconnect culture, music and good craft beer, so typical of Braga! Follow the “Letraria Braga” social networks to stay tuned with all the events taking place in the coming months!


To point in the calendar:

February 15 - Tresor & Bosxh

March 14 - André Júlio Turquesa

April 11 - Little Friend

May 9 - Captain Boy



Letra Music Sessions is a programming exercise resulting from a partnership between Letra, Gig. and HeadLiner. Starting this Saturday, 15.02.2020, the organization would like to extend the invitation to everyone to attend and toast with us the success of another initiative!


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